Using Python and openCV to extract and manipulate plot lines

Someone on the PLOTS-spectrometry mailing list posted two spectrographs they'd collected with their PLOTS-spectrometer, and also a plot the LED manufacturer provided.

January 03, 2015 -- 03:00:10

CAD for microfluidics

I have been working on methods for representing a library of microfluidics parts in various open-source CAD tools. The idea is that eventually I'll put together some sort of drag-n-drop interface for scientists that don't want to deal with CAD, but underst...

January 02, 2015 -- 20:26:35

About this blog

I needed a place to post about projects, wanted minimal overhead, wanted it to look decent, and be easy to add to and maintain.

January 02, 2015 -- 03:02:07

Finer control of brightness hotkeys in Ubuntu

For some reason the internet couldn't easily provide me with the answer of how to change the increment that Ubuntu's brightness hotkey functionality uses. Basically I have pretty sensitive eyes, in a good way, so I often like to reduce my screen brightness...

January 02, 2015 -- 02:08:02